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Operation field: Representation on the French and Andorran markets for several European companies specialised in Jeans, Sportswear and footwear for female and male near retailers and / or wholesalers in addition to mail-order.


Premises: The agency layout is composed by an office, a showroom and if needed by an adapted stocking area.


Sales force: Atlantic Diffusion manages 12 agents throughout the French territory including Paris and the principalities of Andorra and Monaco. Atlantic’s sales force is more especially represented among Jeans  Sportswear shops, Women’s shop and departement store. 


Field sales manager: Mr Jean Daniel Dubuc is running the agency. He has a 37 years experience in selling consumer goods in the textile field, of whom 16 spent beside a German company (Mustang-Jeans). He began as a salesman on the south-ouest sector to become the sales manager for France.


Clients file : Atlantic Diffusion possesses a computerised client file from which information like :

-Bank details

-SIRET numbers

-VAT numbers

-Trade Indemnity covers

            Can be obtained.


References: Atlantic Diffusion is the exclusive representative or distributor for 1 British company (YUMI ) et  Dutch company  (LEGEND BAGS & PETROL BELTS) and 2 French company (GRACE&MILA , VANESSA WU).

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